How it Works

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s how it works.

1. Register for the Program
Registration is initiated by ordering your Bounty Hunter Registration kit from This kit includes the Bounty Program decal set as well as an exclusive t-shirt, sent only to registered hunters. Click any part of the image below to be taken directly to the correct product page for registration.

grimmspeed bounty hunter

Bounty Program Decal Standards – Bounty decals include two large GS logos, two small GS logos and two 16″ GrimmSpeed text decals. To meet the program standard, the large logos must be placed on the side of your car, just under each side view mirror. Alternatively, you may place one large decal on the front of your windshield and one large decal on the rear window. You may use the two small GS decals however you choose. The 16″ decals must be placed anywhere you choose on the outside of your vehicle. While these standards offer a lot of flexibility, keep in mind that many bounties require that your decals be clearly visible, so place them strategically! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch via

2. Review the Active Bounties
The active bounties tab shows all of the currently active bounties, including name, status, payout and expiration terms. View the deliverables letter in PDF format for a detailed description of the terms associated with the claim of a particular bounty.

grimmspeed bounty hunter

3. Capture a Bounty
Complete each requirement and provide all deliverables to The first hunter to do this for any given bounty will be awarded the payout. Should two or more people make a claim on the same bounty before the bounty status is changed to ‘inactive’, the first hunter to successfully submit all deliverables will be awarded the full payout. Others completing the requirements/deliverables may receive partial payouts. After your deliverables have been reviewed and accepted per the bounty requirements, you’ll be contacted for additional information and to confirm the account that you’d like your claim to be applied to. Payouts are in the form of GrimmSpeed credit and may be used only on full price GrimmSpeed product.

4. Do it Again

Earn your spot on the leaderboard. Share the program with your friends.

Disclaimer: You’re going to see this everywhere, because it’s a very important part of the program. Some bounties may involve activities that are dangerous or illegal for participants in certain geographic locations. If a certain bounty is dangerous or illegal in your area, do not attempt to collect it.