Claimed Bounties

Click on any of the claimed bounties for a summary of the bounty itself as well as what went into it’s collection. Some will also link to additional media or video. To protect the identities of those involved, hunters are asked to provide an alias at the time of their first collection. This alias is what you will see listed with each claim, as well as on the leaderboard. The list of the top five earners on the dashboard is for nothing more than bragging rights. It also allows hunters to see how they stack up against the competition.

Itching to add your name to this list of successful GrimmSpeed Bounty Hunters? Follow this link or navigate to the ‘how this works’ from the menu for more information or to register. The same page will give directions on collecting bounties.

  • grimmspeed bounty hunter claim

    CLAIMED: National Park Photo Op

    Michael went above and beyond on this one! With his GrimmSpeed bounty vinyl, banner and Bounty Hunter T-Shirt on, he hit the streets. He stopped at three different state parks before Mt. Rainier National Park for the grand finale!

  • 005_claim_642_2

    CLAIMED: Show Us Your GS Crew

    Liz, Andrew, Brett, Sheldon, Stephen, Kim, Tyler, Chris, Katja and Liz’s car, Lucie, claimed the first official bounty with this photo of all of them sporting their GS gear! Thank you to the Vancouver Island Subaru Club for participating in the Bounty Program!

  • 003_claim

    CLAIMED: Figure-8 Burnout

    Scott claimed this one under the cover of darkness (putting his reflective vinyl to use!), but definitely made it happen. When he realized that he was about to come up short of completing a clean third figure-8, he put the pedal to the floor and made up for it with a bunch of smokey burnouts. That's our style.

  • 002_local_news

    CLAIMED: On The Local News

    Get on the local news with your car featuring Bounty Program Vinyl and send us the video!

  • grimmspeed bounty hunter program top mount intercooler

    CLAIMED: 10sec 1/4mi

    Run a 10.XX second 1/4mi using a GS TMIC.

  • 000_sample_claim

    CLAIMED: Adult Film Star Photograph

    GrimmSpeed team member ‘BOVAddict’ completed our pilot bounty by taking a picture with a recognizable adult film star, Christy Mack, while wearing his GrimmSpeed shirt. Bonus points for the GS hat!